Monday, August 24, 2009

The Time Traveller's Wife(C-)

See, so I have this theory that you can only watch films like this with a female by your side if your a man. That in mind, I happened to be able to find a very beautiful female companion to join me for this film. I didn't go in expecting a whole lot out of this one, and rightfully so. There wasn't much buzz behind it even though the two leads are quite talented(I personally find Rachel McAdams waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more talented than Eric Bana or any male actor out there. But that doesn't even pertain to their acting chops.). Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams do their best to inject emotion and pull the audience into a film that doesn't do very well in pulling the audience in. Granted there are some emotional scenes that will get to those who find themselves easily teary-eyed, but in general, this film doesn't quite do anything but show us how time travel could be used with good intent for things that ultimately pan-out in a not-so-fortunate manner. Furthermore, I find it pretty creepy that Eric Bana goes back in time as a forty-something year old man to coerce a six-year old girl to love him when she is older. Not to mention, he ends up naked whenever he time travels. Throughout the film, I kept wondering what would happen if he appeared out of nowhere in the past to see a young Rachel McAdams and her dad was with her. Needless to say, the result would be a much shorter film.

Grade: C-

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